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China Graphite Material Suppli


What's the research direction of isostatic graphite (also called isomolded graphite) in china? the project that each competitor shoulds consider.i think the isostatic graphite products should meet demands of the china graphitemarket.

isostatic graphite is widely used in solar cell、semiconductor chip and photovoltaic industry:due to the features of high-strength,high density and isotropic homogeneity,the graphite products is well-distributed when they are used.and at the same time the nice thermal shock performance which can prolong the  life cycle of the equipment and they are used in semiconductor and photovoltaic industry like graphite crucible,graphite heating elements,guide cylinder and so on.isostatic graphite is the Boutique of graphite materials,it has excellent properties that other gaphite materials don't have,which is the first chooice of polycrystalline silicon,monocrystalline silicon used heat-resisting material.recent 10 years,solar photovoltaic industry has developed rapidly,the average rate of increase is 41.3%.through in 2009 economic crisis has occured,solar photovoltaic industry of the world still increased speed at above 30%. 

after The Copenhagen climate BBS,it has larger space will restorative 50%-60% in the future of 2010.and china as the largest country of solar photovoltaic production,which will share 70% of the market,High grade graphite material consumes 5000 tons in 2009,in the future the demands of isostatic graphite will increase at the speed of 25~30%.The applications of isostatic graphite in the solar photovoltaic industry will be the best chance to develop for isostatic graphite Manufacturing present,The single crystal size of isostatic graphite has Big normalized,in 2010-2011 the 20 inches has replaced the 18 inches and will be more big.polycrystalline silicon will be Scaling-up development,the direction is high-end products.Upsizing and High specification of the solar photovoltaic industry requires the gaphite bigger size,Higher strength,Higher purity.

isostatic graphite is used in EDM Machining and better than copper electrode.The proportion of graphite is 1/5 of the copper,the weight of the same volume of graphite is relatively light for 5 times of copper,which is easy to make large die mold.the graphite processing speed is generally 3-5 times faster than ordinary metals,which can reduce the tool wear and electrode consumption.Graphite is high melting point and not easy transformed,so don't have to worry about deformation and damage of components of high processing.after the completion of Graphite in processing,the polishing processing generally don't have to be which will reduce the error and shorten the production cycle.along with reasonable processing parameters,the processing speed of graphite electrode will be low dissipation factor and to be the zero loss,so it can be theoretical zero loss,it will reduce the number of repeated electrode processing.Because of graphite material has the advantage of copper material,at present,many mold factories are converted into graphite Manufacturers,so as to shorten the delivery time of products and enhance competitiveness in the market.the ratio of graphite and copper is 8:2 in EDM processing of Europe,and the Chinese market is 3:7,along with the rise in copper prices and technological progress,the proportion of using graphite will continue to rise,therefore,the development space of graphite used in edm industry will be great.During the period of "15" ,mold markets demand is very prosperous,and the foreground is very good.Mould Products will has the feature of precision,large-scale,complexity,long that will require the graphite Upsizing On the specification,particle size refined and strong capability of anti-crack.

High temperature gas cooled reactor is structured of isostatic graphite.High temperature gas cooled reactor is In the international leading level which is listed in national major projects.nuclear power station needs 1200 tons of isostatic graphite material,that's 15% a total investment of cost of the demonstration reactor.for the healthy development of nuclear power enterprise of china,Many domestic experts are calling for domestic enterprises to participate in the research and development of nuclear graphite.Domestic nuclear graphite materials expert xushijiang said:"gaphite is the critical material of High temperature gas cooled reacto and Nuclear graphite is also can prevent the proliferation,Although it can be Imported,once the international situation changes, it will be interrupted at any time.we Must solve the problem of the localization of nuclear graphite,so that we can develop independently the industry of High temperature gas cooled reactor."XRD Graphite Manufacturing Co.,Ltd supplied 40 tons isostatic graphite material to the Tsinghua university nuclear power school at first in 2011.As requests that's completed on schedule,quality,price for the supply of nuclear graphite materials.

Product main technical indicators has exceeded expectations,it successfully completed the nuclear graphite trial production tasks,which step well in the process of localization of nuclear graphite.the main difference between nuclear graphite and regular Engineering graphite,is pure and resistance to radiation damage.The next step is to develop irradiation test,The quality requirements of cold condition of nuclear graphite is Specifications of large-scale,stable quality,good thermal stability,low thermal expansion coefficient,Nuclear pure (high purity 50 parts per million).isostatic graphite is New graphite material and the competitive products of graphite materials,due to favorable properties of isostatic graphite,it must be closely interrelated with advanced technology and top technology of national defense and will be one of the most valuable new materials.

With the economic development,the market capacity of isostatic graphite has increased in domestic and international,huge potential for development.that's why so many companies are busy to produce the isostatic graphite materials.Competition will be inevitably enter the white-hot state,include the competitors from outside the countries.In the fierce market competition,the way out of isostatic graphite Machining companies of China is developing new generation of products,following the development trend of photovoltaic industry,machinery manufacturing,nuclear power industry,providing better service of the development of chinese national economy.